• Hudson Grace Riserva di Famiglia Balsamic Vinegar - 50ml
  • Hudson Grace Riserva di Famiglia Balsamic Vinegar - 50ml

Riserva di Famiglia Balsamic Vinegar, 50ml

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A premium balsamic vinegar, the Calamaio di Vittoria is rightfully named The Piccole Donne. This 'Little Women' balsamic vinegar is the perfect complement to many different meals, sauces, wild meats, fish, and eggs. Featuring notes of red fruits, honey, and vanilla, Calamaio di Vittoria is created with the must of cooked, sundried grapes and aged wine vinegar, creating a sweet, delicate taste considerably dense.

The hand-finished bottle, reminiscent of an ink well, is sealed with raw rope and red wax, making for an extraordinary beautiful gift.

Founded in 1605 in Modena, Italy, Giusti is the longest-running and most prestigious vinegar producer globally.

Also available Il Profumato Silver Vinegar.


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