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Peugeot Paris Silverplate 4" Pepper Mill

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A genuine piece of fine silverware, this Peugeot Mignonnette pepper mill is clad in silver-plated metal from head to toe. A magnificent reissue of the very first Peugeot pepper mill, a model created in 1874.

In 1874, at the height of the golden age of gastronomy, Peugeot created its very first pepper mill, model Z. This fine piece adorned the tables of the grandest of banquets. To bring pleasure to history lovers and those who appreciate beautiful objects, Peugeot decided to reissue this magnificent pepper mill in a modernized version. The Mignonette pepper mill is a genuine piece of fine silverware, produced in high-quality silver-plated metal. Equipped with the Peugeot mechanism, it guarantees a perfect and incomparable result. Finally, like all pieces of fine silverware, it does deserve a bit of special care on your part (regular buffing with chamois cloth or a product specifically for silver-plated metal).

Care Guide:
Apply a high-quality, gentle silver polish with a soft, clean cloth. Lightly buff the silver to a luster using a dry, soft cloth.



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