Silver Hallmarked Match Striker c.1900
  • $357
Silver Hallmarked Match Striker, c. 1901
  • $395
Silver Hallmarked Match Striker c.1909
  • $675
Silver Hallmarked Match Striker c.1899
  • $750
Silver Hallmarked Match Striker c.1905
  • $975
Large Silver Plate Urn w/Lid c. 1930s - No.36
  • $3,600
Silver Plated and Frosted Glass Ice Bucket w/Strainer c. 1920
  • $375
Ribbed Silver Plate Champagne Cooler c. 1930s - No.6
  • $575
Silver Plate Champagne Cooler c. 1930s - No.4
  • $725
Silver Plated Bucket with Small Handles c. 1920
  • $795
Tall Silver Plated Ribbed Bucket c. 1926
  • $795
Hotel 8" Footed Bowl, c.1960
  • $445
Silver Plate and Swirl Glass Shaker c.1950
  • $375
Silver Plate Glass Pump Shaker c.1930s
  • $725
Silver Plate Glass Cocktail Jug w/ Plunger c.1950s
  • $695
Silver Plate Shaker w/ Lemon Squeezer c.1930
  • $795
Deco Ribbed Silver Plated Shaker c. 1920
  • $495
Hotel Silver-Plate Cocktail Shaker
  • $395
One of our favorite buying trips which we do several times a year is to search Europe for vintage finds. We never have anything in mind, because we never know what will show up. We travel to Paris, the south of France, London, Belgium and every place in between in search of the rare pieces which ultimately end up in our stores. Finding the vintage item which speaks to us is a wonderful feeling, be it old books, match strikers, martini shakers, hotel silver, trays, antique linens or that over-the-top antique decor piece which screams “Take me home!" On every trip we find something too good that ends up in our own home, too—just a perk of the business.