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HG Tart Kumquat Dish Soap Refill Pouch, 32 oz.

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A Hudson Grace exclusive, The HG Dish Soap Refill, 32oz., is a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to buy our HG Dish Soap if you are an avid fan like us. Our refill pouch is 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, and economical. A built-in easy-pour resealable spout is ideal for refilling your existing HG Dish Soap bottle or the in-counter soap dispenser.

The HG Dish Soap Refill, 32oz., features all the same great things you love about our HG tart kumquat dish soap, only in a refill bag. Our 32oz easy-pour pack means you don’t have to toss out that perfect bottle that you emptied because this refill bag will fill it back to the top with your favorite soap—ideal for the built-in soap pump dispensers. What is best about the refill bag is it’s biodegradable, hypoallergenic, triclosan-free, and paraben-free ... landfill friendly.

The HG Dish Soap Refill, 32 oz. makes a perfect gift for someone who already loves their HG Gift Soap, or for the seasoned entertainer or family who always likes to have a little extra on hand.

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