• Hudson Grace Flame - Antique French Napkins

Flame - Antique French Napkins

  • $420

Our Antique Napkins are found in flea markets and estate sales across France. Each matching set has a unique monogram by skilled needlewomen who created these works of art and have seen countless dinners and social gatherings for decades. For us, the monogram meaning can be a complete unique surprise - some sets have a beautiful design of intertwining letters, some actual letters that can be yours or can hold a special meaning. The possibilities are endless!

Our napkins are washed, sanitized, dyed in our Signature Flame, and finally professionally pressed with crisp folds. The final product adds a stunning dimension to your dinner table.

While each set is unique, all are oversized in approximate dimensions of 36" square and are a blend of linen and cotton, or 100% cotton.


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