Scented Votive Candles

Hudson Grace Scented Votive Candles: The Scent of Luxury

Hudson Grace, synonymous with sophisticated and elegant home decor, extends its style to their signature collection of scented votive candles. Encased in exquisite heavyweight glass containers and crafted with the utmost care, each candle is made from the finest ingredients, including pure fragrance oil, vegetal wax, and cotton wicks, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting scent throw. Understanding the evocative power of scent, Hudson Grace designs its candles to create specific moods or atmospheres. Each carefully chosen fragrance mirrors the brand's commitment to quality, elegance, and sophistication.


Why we love them

While the scents are available in larger sizes, keeping a stash of scented votive candles proves convenient for refreshing small spaces, adding fragrance to specific areas, or infusing a hint of home into your travels. Ideal for impromptu gifts, these votives, a favorite for hostesses, teachers, or holiday occasions, are guaranteed to delight.


Signature Scents

A standout in the collection is the cult-favorite Hudson Grace Original Scented Votive Candle, boasting a harmonious blend of Mexican tuberose, Indian jasmine, and Moroccan Orange Flower. This signature scent graces every Hudson Grace store, infusing rooms with floral warmth and sophistication.


For a touch of California charm, the Hudson Grace Brentwood Scented Votive Candle captivates with notes of sun-dried driftwood, California white oak, and cypress. Transporting you to the Pacific Coast, it captures the city-meets-nature essence of Los Angeles.


Embrace winter coziness with the Hudson Grace Winter Scented Votive Candle, featuring fragrances of bay laurel, rubbed sage, Canadian balsam, and California sagebrush. Perfect for colder months, it creates a warm and inviting ambiance. We truly believe that it captures the scent of the season better than any other Christmas or Holiday candle on the market.


Caring for your Scented Votive Candle

Caring for your Hudson Grace candle is easy—burn it for two to three hours each time, trim the wick to remove excess carbon, and enjoy approximately 20 hours of burn time per votive.


Whether adding a touch of luxury to your home or creating a cozy atmosphere, Hudson Grace's scented votive candles are a must-have for those who appreciate refined elegance and captivating fragrances.