Hudson Grace Original Scented Candle

  • $68

The Hudson Grace Original Scented Candle is crafted by a master perfumer and is a Hudson Grace exclusive. The fragrance fills your space with a luxurious blend of Mexican tuberose, Indian jasmine, and Moroccan orange flower — an intoxicatingly high-end and elegant combination. This fragrance was designed with every room in mind, as it was developed to become your home's signature scent.

The Hudson Grace Original Scented Candle is developed with high-quality pure fragrance oil, premium vegetal wax, and cotton wicks to ensure a beautiful olfactive experience. Carefully poured by hand into a heavyweight glass, each candle glows gracefully when lit. The candle is elegantly tucked into a printed box, making a beautiful gift to give or receive.

Candles have memory, and to maximize the life of your candle, burn it for two to three hours each time to allow the entire surface to become liquid. Maintain the candle to ensure a clean burn by trimming your wick to remove the excess carbon.

Burn time is approximately 60 hours.


3.25"Dia x 4"H


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