• "From Roy" Chocolate Panettone
  • "From Roy" Chocolate Panettone on Hudson Grace White Cake Stand

"From Roy" Chocolate Panettone Cake

  • $85

"From Roy" Chocolate Panettone by Bay Area pastry chef Roy Shvartzapelis is a Hudson Grace favorite gift to serve at every Holiday  It also happens to be one of the most decadent gifts one could ever give and receive, if you are lucky enough to get your box before they sell out this year!

Moist, light, and ethereal -"From Roy" Chocolate Panettone boasts a delicate sponginess that is a dedication to the traditional Italian craftsmanship of panettone. Enjoy it at room temperature or slightly warmed alongside coffee, tea, or dessert wine. If you have any left (and don't count on it) do as Oprah suggests and turn it into French toast. 

Weight: 1kg, 10-12 Servings, One month shelf life

Care Guide:
Each panettone serves approximately 10-12 guests and has a 30-day shelf life. It is best to keep it at room temperature, tightly sealed. When slicing, use a serrated knife and cut the panettone in half vertically, through the paper mold, and again into smaller pieces of your liking.


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