Trudon Scented Candles

Trudon at Hudson Grace: A (Fragrant) French History Lesson

Since the inception of our first store over a decade ago, Hudson Grace has consistently chosen to carry Trudon candles due to their unmatched craftsmanship, rich history, and unwavering commitment to quality. This enduring partnership stems from shared values, as our brands prioritize delivering a thoughtfully curated selection of luxury home goods. The time-honored candle-making techniques and employment of the finest materials by Trudon align seamlessly with Hudson Grace's ethos of providing customers with products that epitomize elegance, sophistication, and artistry. By featuring Cire Trudon candles since our establishment, we can share narratives of heritage and tradition with our discerning clientele, including some of the top interior designers in the world who are collectors of the Trudon brand.

Why do we carry Trudon when a master perfumer crafts our Hudson Grace signature scented candles? Because Trudon is the ultimate complement to the Hudson Grace aesthetic by lending luxury, history, and tradition. Our longstanding collaboration with Trudon enhances the overall shopping experience for all our customers and reinforces our dedication to being the premier destination for authentic, high-quality home décor.

Some Trudon History

Trudon, formerly called Cire Trudon, is a renowned French candlemaker with a rich and illustrious history from 1643. Founded by Claude Trudon, the company began as a small wax manufacturer and quickly gained prominence as the provider of candles to the royal court of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Trudon's exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail made it the preferred choice for France's grandest churches and most prestigious homes.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, Trudon solidified its reputation as the leading wax-producing factory in the French Kingdom. The company's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation ensured its continued success despite the ever-evolving social and political landscape.

Throughout the centuries, Trudon has remained true to its heritage, maintaining time-honored techniques while embracing contemporary design elements. Today, the brand's luxurious candles and home fragrances are sought after by discerning individuals who appreciate the perfect blend of tradition, elegance, and artistry. Trudon continues to captivate the senses and enhance the ambiance of homes and sacred spaces worldwide as a testament to its enduring legacy.

Here is an overview of the specific Trudon fragrances we have come to love at Hudson Grace, each with its unique scent profile and recommended room pairings:

Classic Trudon Candles

Trudon Ernesto Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: The Ernesto candle features a rich composition of leather and tobacco infused with hints of amber and spicy rum. It's a scent that evokes the warmth and complexity of a Havana smoking room.
  • Recommended Room: Ideal for the study or living room, where its deep, enveloping aroma can create a sense of warmth and sophistication.
  • Available in Classic, Intermezzo, and Grand candle sizes, as well as a room spray and diffuser

Trudon Gabriel Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: Gabriel introduces a cozy ambiance with chestnut, birchwood, and cashmere wood notes, softened by moss and musk, for a comforting, woody fragrance that resembles a crackling fire.
  • Recommended Room: Perfect for the living room or family room, especially during the colder months, to evoke a sense of warmth and family gatherings.

Trudon Solis Rex Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: Inspired by the mirrored hall of the Château de Versailles, Solis Rex combines green leaves, eucalyptus, and fir bark with woody notes, mirroring the grandeur and freshness of a palace.
  • Recommended Room: Suited for entryways or living spaces, its majestic and fresh scent welcomes guests with an air of nobility and splendor.

Trudon Spiritus Sancti Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: This divine fragrance blends the heady allure of incense with lily of the valley, benzoin resin, and labdanum, creating a mystical and serene ambiance reminiscent of a church.
  • Recommended Room: Ideal for reflective spaces like a living room, home office, or meditation room, where its sacred scent can inspire peace and contemplation.

Trudon Cyrnos Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: Reflecting the aromas of the Mediterranean gardens of the Cyrnos villa, this candle features notes of lemon, thyme, and pine with a warm cedar base, evoking sun-drenched landscapes and aristocratic leisure.
  • Recommended Room: Best in the kitchen or sunroom, where its fresh, citrusy notes can brighten the atmosphere and uplift the spirit.
  • Available in Classic, Intermezzo, and Grand candle sizes, as well as a room spray and diffuser

Trudon Abd El Kader Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: A breath of fresh air from the Mascara coast, Abd El Kader is a gust of freedom with spearmint, apple, blackcurrant bud, ginger, and clove, with a hint of jasmine and vanilla.
  • Recommended Room: Perfect for the bathroom or kitchen, offering a refreshing and invigorating scent that cleanses and revitalizes the space.
  • Available in Classic, Intermezzo, and Grand candle sizes, as well as a room spray and diffuser

Trudon Odalisque Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: Odalisque is a languid and sensual fragrance where orange blossom floats on a citrus and sweet vanilla breeze, enveloping the room in exotic warmth
  • Recommended Room: Ideal for the bedroom or bathroom, creating a luxurious and intimate atmosphere that soothes and entices.

Trudon Salta Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: Salta pays homage to the grapefruit zest, combining it with verbena and hyacinth for a vibrant and tangy scent reminiscent of the Citrus groves.
  • Recommended Room: Suited for the dining area or kitchen, where its zesty and uplifting fragrance can stimulate the senses and appetites.

Trudon Tuileries Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: Capturing the essence of the Parisian flower garden, Tuileries harmonizes hyacinth, rose, and green notes, painting an olfactory picture of the garden's dewy mornings.
  • Recommended Room: It is ideal for the living room or conservatory, where its floral and green notes can seamlessly merge with the natural light and plants.

Trudon Cire Classic Scented Candle

  • Scent Description: Cire reveals the deep, warm, and sweet notes of honey and wax, combined with hints of smoke and camomile, mimicking the serene ambiance of ancient candle-lit halls.
  • Recommended Room: Suited for any space needing a comforting and warm atmosphere, from bedrooms to intimate nooks, offering a gentle, enveloping warmth.

Fashion meets Fragrance: Giambattista Valli x Trudon

Two of our best-selling Trudon fragrances at Hudson Grace come from the collaboration between fashion designer Giambattista Valli and Trudon. These two scents marry Valli's haute couture elegance with Trudon's storied candle-making heritage, blending Valli's sophisticated floral inspirations with Trudon's mastery of scent. These two particular candles are a testament to the harmonious fusion of fashion and fragrance.

Trudon Rose Poivree Classic Scented Candle by Giambattista Valli

  • Scent Description: A daring mix of rose with spicy notes, creating a bold, unexpected scent that captures the complexity of a blooming garden.
  • Recommended Room: Best in the bedroom or living room, where its bold, floral scent can add a touch of romantic luxury.

Trudon Positano Classic Scented Candle by Giambattista Valli

  • Scent Description: Positano features white flowers, including gardenia, jasmine, and magnolia, evoking the picturesque cliffs and floral abundance of the Amalfi Coast.
  • Recommended Room: Perfect for the bathroom or living room, offering a fresh and luminous aroma that transports you to Italian summers.

Each Trudon candle available at Hudson Grace is a portal to a unique time and place, crafted to elevate and transform your living spaces with their unparalleled scents and storied histories.

Candle Care Tips

To make the most of any Trudon scented candle experience, follow these simple care instructions:

  • Allow the candle to burn for two to three hours each time, making the entire surface liquid. This practice, known as "candle memory," helps ensure a clean and even burn throughout the candle's life. It also ensures you burn your entire candle. If you prematurely blow out your candle before the entire surface is molten, it will remember exactly how far to the edge it last melted and will only burn in a funnel down from that point on!
  • Trim the wick: Using your wick trimmer or scissors cut the wick to the desired length. Be careful to maintain a straight, even cut to prevent uneven burning.
  • Remove the trimmings: Use your candle snuffer to remove the trimmed wick pieces carefully, then place them on the plate or tray. This helps keep your candle and surrounding area clean and tidy.

Trudon Scented Candle Accessories

Don’t forget to pair these essential candle accessories with your Trudon scented candle:

  • Matchboxes and Match Strikers: Stylish and functional options for lighting scented candles with chic designs to enhance your decor. We also love pairing Trudon scented candles with an elegant striker as the perfect host or hostess gift, birthday gift, or any occasion way to make someone smile
  • Wick Trimmer and Snuffer: Essential tools for maintaining scented candles, ensuring even burning and prolonging their longevity.
  • Glass Cloche or Bell Jar: To contain fragrance, particularly around food, simply cover your scented candle with an elegant glass cloche. It will not only keep the fragrance from spreading, but it will preserve your candle from dust or debris until you are ready to light it again

An Iconic Gift

Trudon scented candles are ideal gifts for all occasions, blending exquisite craftsmanship, alluring scents, and elegant design. Presented in elegantly printed boxes, each candle showcases the brand's commitment to quality, offering a range of fragrances expertly blended to evoke specific moods and atmospheres. Gifting a Trudon candle means giving an experience—a thoughtful, luxurious gesture that elevates the ambiance and leaves a lasting impression for any occasion.