Hudson Grace Scented Candles

Hudson Grace Scented Signature Candles Overview

Hudson Grace's scented candles epitomize luxury and refinement, each crafted with high-quality ingredients and housed in heavyweight glass. These candles, crafted by a master perfumer, perfectly blend pure fragrance oils, premium vegetal wax, and cotton wicks, ensuring a superior scent experience. From the selection of scents to the thoughtful packaging, these candles are meant to be savored and enjoyed, elevating the ambiance of your home.

Guide to the Hudson Grace Signature Scented Candle Collection:

  • Original Scented Candle: This quintessential Hudson Grace scent combines Mexican tuberose, Indian jasmine, and Moroccan orange flower for a luxurious and elegant home fragrance. 
    • Available Size(s): Classic, 3-Wick, and Votive 
    • Suggested Room(s): Ideal for the living room or bedroom to create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. But truly, this candle belongs in every room of your home. It is the signature scent of every Hudson Grace boutique and has been our top-selling fragrance and gift for the past decade.
  • Brentwood Scented Candle: With notes of sun-dried driftwood, California white oak, and cypress, it's reminiscent of a cozy, wooded retreat on the California coastline
    • Available Size(s): Classic, 3-Wick, and Votive
    • Suggested Room(s):  Perfect for the den or living room, adding a subtle, cozy yet elevated warmth.
  • Montauk Scented Candle: Features the freshness of geranium leaves, hydrangea stems, and privet hedges, evoking a lively garden. 
    • Available Size(s): Classic, 3-Wick
    • Suggested Room(s):  Best in living rooms, entryways, or bathrooms for a crisp, clean scent 
  • Montecito Scented Candle: A clarifying blend of green jasmine buds, eucalyptus, and Cedarwood, offering coastal calm.
    • Available Size(s): Classic
    • Suggested Room: Suitable for entryways, bathrooms, or bedrooms, bringing a sense of tranquility and refreshment.
  • Greenwich Scented Candle: Combines gardenia blossom, summer lawn, and a hint of citrus peel for a romantic vibe. 
    • Available Size(s): Classic
    • Suggested Room(s): Ideal for bedrooms, porches, or powder rooms, enhancing the space with its invigorating and romantic scent.
  • Bleecker Scented Candle: Inspired by an Autumn walk through New York's West Village, this candle melds birch bark, cedar, leather, and wet leaves. 
    • Available Size(s): Classic 
    • Suggested Room(s): Great for a study or library, adding a rich, earthy tone that complements intellectual pursuits.
  • Savannah Scented Candle: Captures the essence of magnolia and citrus, reminiscent of a Southern porch. 
    • Available Size(s): Classic. 
    • Suggested Room(s): Perfect for living areas or sunrooms, where its gracious, welcoming scent can spread.
  • Sonoma Scented Candle: Evokes herbaceous lavender, freshly mown hay, and distant vineyards, for a relaxing ambiance. 
    • Available Size(s): Classic
    • Suggested Room(s): Ideal for powder rooms, wellness rooms, casual dens, or entryways, creating a serene, inviting atmosphere.
  • Winter Scented Candle: This holiday-themed scent includes bay laurel, rubbed sage, Canadian balsam, Moroccan cedar, and firewood. In our humble opinion, this is the best-smelling, luxury Christmas scent you will ever discover, and it has become a Hudson Grace classic that is available for a limited time during the holiday season
    • Available Size(s): Classic, 3-Wick, and Votive 
    • Suggested Room(s): Best for living rooms or family gathering areas during the holiday season, offering a warm, festive aroma.
  • Aspen Scented Candle: Blends fir needles, blue spruce, wild sage, oakmoss, and a hint of fireplace, perfect for creating a cozy, chalet-ready mood. Fun tip: burn Aspen and Winter together for an intoxicatingly festive blend
    • Available Size(s): Classic
    • Suggested Room(s): Ideal for family rooms or spaces to transition you into Fall and through winter

Hudson Grace Scented Kitchen Candle Collection:

  • Sweet Basil Scented Kitchen Candle: A fresh blend of basil and wild mint, designed to complement kitchen activities. 
    • Available Size(s): Standard kitchen size
    • Suggested Room(s): Specifically created for the kitchen, it freshens the space and counteracts cooking odors. We also love it in the bathroom or in a covered patio
  • Tart Kumquat Scented Kitchen Candle: Features fruity-floral notes, sweet and tart citrus, designed to enhance the kitchen atmosphere. 
    • Available Size(s): Standard kitchen size
    • Suggested Room(s): Perfect for the kitchen, complementing the Dish Soap, Hand Soap, Hand Lotion, and Surface Spray from Hudson Grace. We also love this in a powder room or in an office to brighten and invigorate


Candle Care Tips

To make the most of any Hudson Grace scented candle experience, follow these simple care instructions:

  • Allow the candle to burn for two to three hours each time, making the entire surface liquid. This practice, known as "candle memory," helps ensure a clean and even burn throughout the candle's life. It also ensures you burn your entire candle. If you prematurely blow out your candle before the entire surface is molten, it will remember exactly how far to the edge it last melted and will only burn in a funnel down from that point on!
  • Trim the wick: Using your wick trimmer or scissors cut the wick to the desired length. Be careful to maintain a straight, even cut to prevent uneven burning.
  • Remove the trimmings: Use your candle snuffer or tweezers to remove the trimmed wick pieces carefully, then place them on the plate or tray. This helps keep your candle and surrounding area clean and tidy.


Scented Candle Accessories

Don’t forget to pair these essential candle accessories with your Hudson Grace scented candle:

Matchboxes and Match Strikers: Stylish and functional options for lighting scented candles with chic designs to enhance your decor. We also love pairing Hudson Grace scented candles with a witty matchbox as the perfect host or hostess gift, birthday gift, or any occasion way to make someone smile

  • Wick Trimmer and Snuffer: Essential tools for maintaining scented candles, ensuring even burning and prolonging their longevity.
  • Glass Cloche or Bell Jar: To contain fragrance, particularly around food, simply cover your scented candle with an elegant glass cloche. It will not only keep the fragrance from spreading, but it will preserve your candle from dust or debris until you are ready to light it again

An Iconic Gift

Hudson Grace scented candles are ideal gifts for all occasions, blending exquisite craftsmanship, alluring scents, and elegant design. Presented in elegantly printed boxes, each candle showcases the brand's commitment to quality, offering a range of fragrances expertly blended to evoke specific moods and atmospheres. Gifting a Hudson Grace candle means giving an experience—a thoughtful, luxurious gesture that elevates the ambiance and leaves a lasting impression for any occasion.