Vintage Footed Silver-Plate Punch Bowl, 12"
  • $1,195
Vintage Crystal & Silver Match Striker, Large
  • $995
Vintage Crystal & Silver Match Striker, Large
  • $895
Vintage Crystal & Silver Match Striker, Extra Large
  • $1,150
Vintage Savoy Oval Bread Dish
  • $425
Silver Plated Watering Can, Medium c.1910
  • $550
Vintage Silverplate Water Pitcher
  • $675
Vintage Glass and Silverplate Lemonade Jug
  • $825
Straight-Sided Vintage Silverplate Coaster
  • $225
Vintage Silverplate and Glass Shaker with Pump
  • $895
Vintage Silverplate Martini Shaker with Spout
  • $825
HG Hotel Cocktail Shaker
  • $250
Vintage Silverplate Deco Ridged Shaker
  • $595
Vintage Silverplate Engine Turned Shaker
  • $595
Vintage Medium Mortar Bowl
  • $195
  • $97.50
Vintage French Soup Tureen
  • $595
  • $297.50
One of our favorite buying trips which we do several times a year is to search Europe for vintage finds. We never have anything in mind, because we never know what will show up. We travel to Paris, the south of France, London, Belgium and every place in between in search of the rare pieces which ultimately end up in our stores. Finding the vintage item which speaks to us is a wonderful feeling, be it old books, match strikers, martini shakers, hotel silver, trays, antique linens or that over-the-top antique decor piece which screams “Take me home!" On every trip we find something too good that ends up in our own home, too—just a perk of the business.