Original Dinner/Buffet Plate
  • $30
Original Salad Plate
  • $16
Original Individual Bowl
  • $24
Original Individual Footed Bowl
  • $18
Cylindric Mug
  • $18
Organic Dinner Plate
  • $21
Organic Salad Plate
  • $17
Organic Breakfast Bowl
  • $20
Organic Individual Bowl
  • $19
Organic Mug
  • $18
Organic Flared Bowl
  • $45
Organic Serve Bowl
  • $79
Organic Oval Platter
  • $69
Stone Dinner Plate
  • $21
Stone Salad Plate
  • $17
Stone Mug
  • $18
Stone Serving Bowl
  • $42
Stone Jug
  • $42
Hosting a gathering can be stress-free with a little prep work and the right tools. Gracious entertaining is the goal and we offer a curated collection of home entertaining essentials to keep it simple. When planning a dinner party first thing is to have your menus planed days in advance, complete your food shopping and now it is time to set the table. Select the plates that you would like to use, then the table linens and flatware. It's fun to mix vintage with modern causing wonderful juxtaposition. Glassware is not to be overlooked. Choosing the wineglass for, red, white or both and never forget a proper water glass. Now all you need is to select your playlist of favorite music to set the mood and fresh flowers and wait for the guest to arrive.