Black Lava Salt
  • $35
Jacobsen Grinding Himalayan Salt
  • $14
Jacobsen Tellicherry Grinding Peppercorns
  • $16
HG Sea Salt Caramels
  • $26
HG Berry Bowl
  • $38
HG Colander
  • $48
HG Original Dipping Bowl
  • $12
Beechwood Pepper Mill, 9''
  • $60
Beechwood Salt Mill, 9''
  • $60
White Lacquer Salt Mill, 9"
  • $60
White Lacquer Pepper Mill, 12"
  • $80
HG International Orange Lacquer Salt Mill, 9"
  • $60
HG International Orange Lacquer Pepper Mill, 12"
  • $80
Enamel Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
  • $48
Horn Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • $48
Marble Spoon Rest
  • $32
Out of Stock
Marble Column Salt & Pepper Set
  • $48
The Cheese Knife
  • $35

Hosting a gathering can be stress-free with a little prep work and the right tools. Genial entertaining is the goal, and we offer a curated collection for home entertaining to keep it simple. Starting with a well stocked pantry including our signature salt & pepper mills; which rank best in class and make a great transition from pantry to table. Having ready at hand a complete assortment of cocktail mixes for making the perfect Dirty Martini or Bloody Mary elevating Sunday brunch! The pantry is also the perfect place to store party essentials, knowing a party can happen at anytime. Essentials include linen napkins, bourbon-soaked cherries, olive oil, cocktail napkins and vermouth-soaked olives for example. The must-have in every well-stocked pantry is the perfect assortment of glassware. Starting with a basic wine glass that compliments both red and white, flutes for champagne and an old fashioned for enjoying the perfect mixed cocktail.