Large Water Glass
  • $5.95
Bar Tapered Pitcher, Tall
  • $92
Bar Tapered Pitcher, Large
  • $72
Bar Tapered Pitcher, Short
  • $78
Carafe Large Clear
  • $95
Wine Chiller, Mineral
  • $68
Champagne Chiller, Mineral
  • $78
Dual Champagne Bucket
  • $195
Bar Culture Ice Bucket
  • $125
Bar Ice Bucket, Small
  • $85
Bar Ice Bucket, Large
  • $115
Romeo, Large
  • $140
Ono Pitcher
  • $72
Sold Out
Wine Carafe
  • $60
Bar Spirits Decanter
  • $124
Cocktail Napkin/Coaster, Lipstick Red
  • $28
Cocktail Napkin/Coaster, Orange
  • $28
Cocktail Napkin/Coaster, Sand
  • $28
Entertaining and bar seem to work hand in hand. Nothing says hospitality in the home like a well stocked bar. It starts with having the proper Glassware to fit the need. There are basic Bar Glasses that can take care of most all cocktail request. Having the basic Home Bar Essentials such as Cocktail Shakers, bar tools and Wine Chillers and you should be pretty set. We often like to have Candle Holders sitting on the bar to create some atmosphere and don’t forget the Matches.