Hudson Grace - Wood Planks, Larder Boards, Bowls and Servings Spoons. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.


Hudson Grace Scented Candles and Votives - Winter, Original, San Miguel, Pacific Coast, Brentwood, Savannah, Sonoma, Montecito, Kitchen Candle, Smudge Stick, Cire Trvdon. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.


Hudson Grace Platters - Handled Platters, Round Platters, Rectangular Platters, Trays, Serving Platters, Cake Stands, Lucca, Luce and Torino. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.


Hudson Grace Glassware. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.



Hudson Grace Garden - Watering Cans, Avocado Vase, Topiary Shears, Bypass Secateurs, Gloves, Brooms and baskets. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.


Hudson Grace Vintage Silver - Cocktail Shakers, Silverplate Trays, Round Salver, Champagne Bucket, Coasters, Sauce Boats, Water Pitchers, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Place Card Holders, Serving Knives, Punch Bowls, Match Strikers. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and


Hudson Grace - Furniture. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.


Hudson Grace Candlelight - Candles, Tapers Votives, Amber, Black, Pillars, Candlesticks, Candelabra, Quartz Votive, Smokey Votive, Black Quartz Votive. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.


Hudson Grace Dinnerware. Plates, Bowls and cups. . Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.


Hudson Grace Bar - Cocktail Shakers, Old Fashioned Glasses, Everyday Wine Glass, Martini Glass, Champagne Glass, Jur and Stirrer, Pitchers, Wine Chillers, Champagne Buckets, Decanter, wine Carafe, Boston Shaker, Corkscrews, Double Jigger, Cocktail Picks a


Hudson Grace Linen Napkins - Our collection of oversized washed linen napkins is sewn and dyed by hand in our hometown of San Francisco. Sold individually. . Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.


The story of Italian Ceramics. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.

In search of Inspiration

The story of Italian Ceramics

Ever since we opened our first door in 2012, we have traveled to Europe twice a year to work with small family owned factories.  We scour their archives, where we may find a fantastic ornate scallop bowl or a tureen designed by their great grandfather.  A great example is our Roma, Milano and Firenza tureens, they were designed 50 years ago and were inspired by the magnificent duomos (cathedrals) in the Italian cities that we named them after. While on these trips we don't have the luxury of time to eat like Stanley Tucci, but we try to find time to enjoy a delicious meal and perhaps a glass of wine at the end of each day because "when in Rome…"

Hudson Grace Scented Candles. Hudson Grace SF, Hudson and Grace.

What is that Fragrance?

The story of HG Original

First, you should know - we are so fortunate to have ’the nose’ as one of our founders Gary McNatton. Working in the fragrance industry for years, he has developed a true talent and holds the gift to create beautiful scents exclusively for Hudson Grace. Gary often says “scent is the first impression you get when you enter a home, a scent completes the room.”  Our very first scent, Original, was inspired after a trip to Mexico where he fell in love with the rich, heady scent of tuberose. He combined it with orange blossom and delicate jasmine to create HG Original. To this day it still is our number one scent and launched a stunning collection of fragrances that followed. We love it when a customer comes into our stores and the first question they ask is ... “what is that fragrance?”

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