• Vintage Silverplate Forrest Cocktail Jug with Handle

Vintage Silverplate Forrest Cocktail Jug with Handle

  • $675
Discovered at an estate sale in London, this Vintage Silverplate Forrest Cocktail Jug caught our eye. Smaller, adorable, and functional, this cocktail jug may be the original party bucket! Standing at eleven inches, with the handle raised,Its design is reminiscent of a garden pail. The smooth bucket tapers upward as a secondary small handle on the backside assists with pouring and an integrated strainer keeps ice back allowing a consistent flow. The swing handle has a unique, smooth arch which rests comfortably on your finger when transporting. This marvelous piece is excellent for serving signature cocktails at garden parties, holiday get togethers and unplanned gatherings.

Care Guide:
Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. Rinse well, and dry immediately with a soft kitchen towel. Apply a high-quality, gentle silver polish with a soft, clean cloth. Rinse and dry thoroughly, then lightly buff the silver to a luster using a dry, soft cloth.

11"H x 7.5"W (Spout to rim)


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