• Paperwhites in Small Bulb Vase
  • Paperwhites and amaryllis in glass vase

Paperwhite Bulbs in Glass Bulb Vase

  • $45
  • $13.50

The paperwhite narcissus is the December birth flower and symbolizes good wishes, faithfulness, and respect. Our paperwhite comes in an elegant and modern glass forcing vase. Ready to go as a gift or for your own holiday table, they add a festive touch.

Forcing Instructions:

Step 1: To expedite moistening and promote growth, optionally score the bulb's bottom with a blade, making a shallow 'X' at its roots. 

Step 2: Do not submerge the bulb, or it may decay. Add water to the vase until the level is just below the bulb to wet its roots. Check the water level daily.

Step 3: Place the vase in a sunny spot until the bulb develops roots. Once the bulb flowers, it will last longer in a cool place with indirect light.


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