• Lamill Signature Coffee Espresso Blend

Lamill Signature Classic Espresso Coffee Blend, 12oz.

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European coffee culture is about a comfortable atmosphere and good conversation. Serving a proper espresso, when paired with some baked goods & savory small plates, can be the perfect way to gather, chat, and enjoy time together. We came across Reservoir blend by LAMILL in Los Angeles and loved that it is a traditional espresso that can also be brewed as drip coffee. This blend is low acidity and roasted to a smooth finish with just a hint of sweetness and sugar caramelization, perfect for anyone desiring a smooth, chocolatey espresso. It is excellent as a base for espresso martinis, affogatos, and late-night Irish coffees.

Whole bean, 12 oz.

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Nuts, Caramel

Country of Origin:
Brazil, Honduras, Papua New Guinea


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