• Cocktail Napkin/Coaster, Lipstick Red

Cocktail Napkin/Coaster, Lipstick Red

Our tear-off cotton cocktail napkins are perfect for entertaining or as a hostess gift. Entirely compostable, they can be washed and reused up to five times. Each roll contains 50 napkins.

Lipstick Red is the perfect red.

4.5" square
Care Guide:
Tear off napkins are 100% cotton product and can therefore be washed. To lengthen its life to the utmost we recommend not using the dryer, since this will break the edges of the serviette, reducing its useful life to just 6 washes. If we avoid the dryer its life will be lengthened by up to 3 times. Just like colored clothing it must be washed at a low temperature (40 degrees). Tear off napkins are 100% cotton product, so that once washed it will shrink 5% and crease.
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