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Hosting a gathering can be stress free with a little prep work and the right tools. Gracious entertaining is the goal and we offer a curated collection of home entertaining essentials to keep it simple. Have small bites ready for when guests arrive and offer a beverage along with an inviting place to sit and chat while you finish preparing the main meal. When it comes time to set the table ... and we usually do this the day before because you want to enjoy the process and it gives you time to play. Cloth Napkins are always a must and we like to have fun in this area. We offer a 22 inch linen napkin that comes in 24 different decorator colors. The napkin can bring color to any table, compliment your Placemats is an easy way to start or select a color that speaks to the season or the holiday, or even match the napkin to your Dinnerware if there is a color in the pattern. Napkins do not have to stop at the table they can also be used in the guest bath ... here we suggest monogramed Paper Guest Towels and don’t forget the bar where you will want to have Cocktail Napkins and these too can be monogramed or have witty statement to add to the mood.

80 Item(s)