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How long will it take for my items to arrive?

For standard delivery web orders, with product in stock at our Sausalito warehouse, our goal is to ship your purchase within 2 business days. For Standard Ground shipments, most orders are delivered within 5–7 business days. We also offer 2nd Day or Overnight shipping for faster delivery on select items. For standard delivery orders placed in any of our store locations, with product in stock at our Sausalito warehouse, our goal is to ship your purchase within 3 business days. We also offer 2nd Day or Overnight shipping for faster delivery on select items.

For standard, 2nd Day or Overnight orders placed online or in store, where product must be pulled from our retail store locations, our goal is to ship your purchase within 4 business days. Special orders take 4–6 weeks for delivery. This includes 3 weeks of production time, and 1–3 weeks in transit.

Which shipping carriers do you use?

We ship most orders via FedEx. Some special orders will ship directly from our outside suppliers. Please inspect your delivery upon arrival. For your convenience, signature requirement is waived, but please let us know if you would prefer it at no additional charge. Customer Care contact information is at the end of this FAQ.

Where can I find details on shipping information?

Please click on Customer Service then scroll down to Shipping.

How do you calculate your shipping and handling charges?

Shipping rates are calculated based on the price total of the merchandise in your cart, and handling fees are included. As closely as possible, our shipping rates are an accurate reflection of the rates that we incur from our shipping partners to safely package and deliver your order, and ensure that it meets the highest expectations. If you have any questions or concerns about how shipping is calculated on your order, Customer Care will be happy to assist you.

Can I save on shipping by picking up at your warehouse?

We regret that liability issues prevent us from offering local pick-up from our distribution center.

Can I save shipping charges by picking up at a store?

This option is subject to our weekly delivery schedule and is available on a case-by-case basis for paid orders, as we cannot store packages at retail locations for extended time. Please feel free to contact Customer Care.

What is the return policy for online purchases?

Please see our Return Policy.

What is the return policy for store purchases?

Please see our Return Policy.

How long does my refund take?

Refunds for online orders are generally processed within 1–2 weeks of your returned merchandise arriving back at our warehouse. Since all our online orders require credit cards as the method of payment, your refund will be issued as a credit back to the same card used to make the original purchase, unless other arrangements have been made with our Client Services team team.

How do I cancel my order completely?

Online orders may be changed and canceled within 24 hours of submitting the order.We regret that we are not able to modify or cancel orders for in-stock merchandise once they have been passed through fulfillment after 24 hours.. When you submit your order online, it is instantly entered into our database, your order confirmation email is sent, and your payment is verified by our system. If we are unable to cancel your order, you may always return your order to us for a full refund of the merchandise value.

In some cases, it is possible cancel backordered items which are not scheduled for immediate shipment. Contact Customer Care for assistance.

How will I know that you've received my order?

Once items have been ordered, a confirmation page will show a summary of your transaction. You may choose to print this for your records. An email version of this summary will be sent as well, provided that we have an accurate email address.

How do I know if my items are available for immediate shipment?

If the item is not in stock, Customer Care will contact you immediately with an estimated date and an option to backorder or cancel. Delivery time frame for special orders is 4–6 weeks, as indicated in the product description. Occasionally, we discover that an in-stock item is damaged or defective, and replacing it results in the item becoming temporarily unavailable. Should this occur, we will notify you immediately. We strive to fulfill your order as promptly as possible. Any delay will not incur further charges.

What if an item is on backorder?

We make every effort to display the most current and accurate product inventory information. If unexpectedly high demand makes an item unavailable for immediate shipment, we will notify you with an estimated restock date.

How do I ship to an address other than my billing address?

Simply enter the desired destination on the shipping information page at checkout.

Will I receive all the items in my order at the same time?

We ship your items when they are available. If all of the items on your order are in-stock and ready to ship, you will receive them at the same time. If an item is backordered or delayed, it will ship separately at no extra charge.

How do I use a promo code?

Enter the promo code in your shopping cart to receive a discount on your order. Discount excludes Hudson Grace gift cards. Not applicable to previous purchases. Only one promo code per purchase. Not combinable with any other offers or resale codes. Shipping and handling charges still apply. Limited time only.


Do you ship overseas?

We ship to the United States only. We regret that we do not ship to PO or APO boxes at this time.

Why are orders shipped in California taxed?

Hudson Grace maintains office in California. Our physical presence in California requires us to collect sales tax on behalf of the state. State laws require sales tax to be collected according to the address where the merchandise is shipped.

When is my credit card charged?

When you place your order online, your credit card is charged once the order is processed. The funds are withdrawn from your account once the order is confirmed. If an order that you placed is subsequently cancelled and not shipped, any charges will be refunded, and funds should be made available to you again within 2–5 days, depending on your bank’s policies.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes. We encrypt all credit card information during transmission and storage, so your data is private and secure.


Do you have a gift registry?

Yes. Our online registry is accessible from our home page. It allows you to give friends and family a list of everything you want, all in one place.

How do I add items to my gift registry?

When will my registry be available to friends and family?

When you create a registry online, it is available immediately.

How do I place a gift order?

During online checkout, you may enter the gift recipient's address in the shipping address fields. From there, you can also include a gift message; simply enter your message in the form provided on the address page at checkout. Your message will be printed on a signature Hudson Grace note card (not the packing slip) and enclosed with the order. Price tickets will be removed.

How should I handle returning a gift?

Please see our Return Policy.

How do I purchase a gift card?

Gift cards are available for purchase in store and online. A gift message may also be included. Simply specify your message at checkout.

How do I redeem a gift card?

To redeem a gift card online, simply enter the gift card code in the field provided in the shopping cart. Your gift card total will be applied as a method of payment to your merchandise total. You will be required to submit an alternate method of payment at checkout if there is any balance remaining over and above the gift certificate amount. Alternatively, you can Contact Care to order by phone.


How do I wash my linen napkins?

Linen actually benefits from frequent use, so don’t hesitate to bring out your new napkins for everyday occasions! All of our cotton and linen napkins can be laundered at home. We recommend washing in cold water with regular detergent free of any bleach products. If stains are present on the linen napkins, they should be treated immediately using a special linen stain remover.

Stains on cotton napkins may be treated with most off the shelf stain removers, however stay away from harsh solvents and bleaching products such as chlorine, peroxide or sodium carbonate.

Cotton and linen napkins may be dried in a machine dryer. We suggest removing while they are still slightly damp, giving them a good shake and laying flat. We love our napkins with a bit of body, but should you prefer to iron, do so immediately after drying for the best result. If your napkins are monogrammed and you wish to iron them, lay the embroidered side face down on a towel and press on the reverse side.

How do I clean my silver?

We love when heirloom silver is shiny, clean with a hint of patina. There are several ways to achieve that look.

One non-toxic method is to fill an aluminum pan with hot water. Next add salt and a generous amount of baking soda, mixed until dissolved. Soak your silver pieces until the chemical reaction occurs that removes the tarnish. Please note this method is fast but may cause pitting and remove some patina.

Another option is to keep silver cleaning cloths at home, made for removing tarnish from precious metals.

Or, Wright's Silver Cream is a gentle all-purpose polish perfect for silver, and also works on stainless steel. To use, wash your silver with soap and warm water, then completely, but thinly, coat each piece in cream using a soft foam sponge. We suggest protecting your hands with non-coated rubber gloves. You will see the silver brighten. Rinse in warm water, putting a towel on the bottom of the sink, so the metal doesn't hit your porcelain or steel surfaces. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth – a cut t-shirt can even work!

How do I treat (and avoid) tarnished flatware?

In a perfect world, we would all wash and thoroughly dry all flatware by hand with a citrus-free cleanser to avoid any potential tarnish. If that is not part of your routine (it is not ours either) we have a few tips that may help treat and care for flatware to keep tarnishing to a minimum, if not prevent it entirely. Please note – any flatware left in a dishwasher is subject to tarnish.

Put flatware in warm water as soon as possible after eating. Resting food on flatware can lead to a pH imbalance. Acids and Alkaline can lead to cause discoloration, while citrus, dairy enzymes, salad dressing, mustard, bleach and phosphates are some examples of elements that may damage flatware. If you are using a dishwasher, do not citrus or bleach detergents, and do not use the drying cycle. Hand-dry your flatware as often as possible.

If spots occur, a rubbing compound of baking soda, rinse in water and a thorough dry can be a simple fix.

What is the best way to burn a candle?

Candles and their fragrances are personal choices. We at Hudson Grace love scent. Scent can be the first impression when you enter a room and the last when you leave, so we take our candle business seriously. There is an art to burning candles that will help them burn beautifully and last longer. Here’s how to get your money’s worth: Some basic rules to give you hours of wonderful candlelight and scent.

1. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch. The wick most likely is not the perfect length when you buy it. Too much wick can cause smoking and uneven burn. If a candle is smoking, blow it out, trim the wick and relight it. Before relighting the candle, pluck the wick with a tissue to remove excess carbon. This simple act will trim your wick to the perfect length every time.

2. The first time you light a candle, burn it for a couple hours, allowing the wax to form a large pool. The next time you light that candle, it will burn evenly with a beautiful flame. Candles have a memory. We all have lit a candle and blown it out after 30 minutes because we had to go, or we paid a lot for the candle and are saving the scent. Burning a candle for less than an hour creates a liquid wax puddle the size of a quarter. The next time you light that candle, the wax forms a tunnel, and the flame becomes small and eventually downs out.

3. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

4. Never burn a scented candle in a dining room or anywhere food is served. It’s distracting and can interfere with your palate. On the other hand, use unscented candles everywhere. They create instant atmosphere and make any moment more special. Feel free to mix unscented with scented candles in beautiful harmony.

Why is my dinnerware chipping?

Chips happen. While for some, they may be unsightly and call for immediate replacement, we look at chips the same way we look at wrinkles. They are tiny reminders of smiles, in this case smiles shared over meals with those we love.

Our honest suggestion is to choose dinnerware that best suits your needs. Everyday dinnerware should be made with a sturdy, dishwasher-safe and microwaveable material. It is most often made of stoneware or earthenware, and is beloved for being sumptuous, handmade and timeless.These materials are less sturdy than bone china or porcelain and susceptible to chipping, but tend to be high quality, affordable and easier to replace. Our HG Original, HG Modern and Organic collections fall into this category.

Often referred to as china, porcelain is crafted from ceramic materials, but is fired at a very high temperature resulting in a product with superb strength and durability. Porcelain is a popular, high-end dinnerware option that is resistant to thermal shock and has excellent insulator properties. Porcelain is the hardest ceramic, and while it is versatile enough for everyday use, people often reserve it for formal occasions as dishwashing is acceptable, but not encouraged. Our Porcelain collection, made for Hudson Grace by Jacques Pergay, is a favorite of brides and designer clients.

What if I have other questions about your products?

We're happy to help! Customer Care contact info is at the end of this FAQ.


How do I change my email address?

Contact Customer Care or update your address on your account page. If you don't  have an account, register with us online. If you are a returning customer having trouble accessing your account, try resetting your password.

Will you share my email address with others?

No, we keep all email addresses private.

How do I unsubscribe from your email list?

Click "Unsubsribe" at the bottom of any Hudson Grace email, or contact Customer Care. We will miss you, but you're  welcome back anytime!


Can I speak with someone to answer a question?

Certainly! Call Customer Care with any questions you might have.

Do you have a partnership program?

Online partnerships are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested, please contact us at Please understand that the volume of requests received may delay our response.

Any other questions we haven't answered?

For questions we haven't answered, or information we haven't provided, please contact Customer Care. We love having you as a part of the Hudson Grace family and welcome your comments and suggestions.


We look forward to speaking with you! Visit any of our stores, email, or call our Customer Care team toll-free at (855) 301-270‬0  Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM Pacific Time.