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Shrub Santa Rosa Plum Syrup
Shrub Santa Rosa Plum Syrup

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Shrubs originated a millennium ago as method to preserve locally harvested fruit at its peak. Fermentation with sugar captures fleeting flavor in a well-balanced sweet-tart syrup. Shrubs easily make the most refreshing drinks we’ve ever had. For a fruit soda, simply mix 1 part shrub with 5 parts sparkling water. Naturally, shrubs make delicious cocktails, pairing perfectly with gin, too!

Our Santa Rosa plums are grown in Brentwood, California. Luther Burbank bred this cross between a wild American plum, Japanese plum and apricot plum in 1907. This tart, delicious shrub showcases the classic Santa Rosa fruit-punch-plumminess with notes of cherry, spice and amaretto.

12.7 oz