Young Huh

Copper Watering Can
  • $110
Mini Gardenia Tree
  • $78
Classic Apricot Garden Gloves (Unisex)
  • $28
Charlotte Moss Flowers
  • $50

Growing up we always had people coming to our house. On the weekends we often had people from church come over and our Sunday night dinners were filled with adults and children running around. There would be Korean barbecue grilling outside, platters of Korean side dishes, kimchi, and always fruit for dessert. My mother taught me how to feed a crowd, to always be welcoming, and to never be a flustered hostess. Everything always seemed under control and if there were mishaps, they we re met with cheer and a shrug. Though she was no softie - her nickname was General Kim and we kids knew never to cross her because all she had to do was flash her eyes and wave a finger and we knew there would be major consequences. But my mother’s laugh was always bountiful and the loudest, her mirth ringing through the house and if we were outside or upstairs, my friends would say - that’s your mom’s laugh. Even today, they all remember my mother’s loud laugh and it brings back happy memories.