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Everyone loves a dinner party and all you need to be party- ready is a menu plan, a favorite beverage, a few serving trays, pitchers and bowls ... imagine walking into your Pantry and having a well selected assortment of White Pitchers and Serving Accessories to choose from ... being able to choose the right pitcher for the beverage and the occasion is a simple pleasure. Entertaining friends should always be a pleasure and having the right tools at hand helps. An assortment of Glass Pitchers in various shapes and sizes allow you to go from setting the breakfast table to setting the cocktail bar seamlessly. Speaking of the bar, our Stemless glassware has such a modern feel to the hand and to the eye, and the best thing is they fit in the dishwasher with no fear of the stems breaking or not fitting properly. Barware and Stemware not only make a perfect gift on that special occasion but always makes for a great selfish pleasure.