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Hosting a gathering can be stress-free with a little prep work and the right tools. Gracious entertaining is the goal, and we offer a curated collection of home entertaining essentials to keep it simple. Starting with a well stocked pantry with a few basic essentials including our signature salt & pepper mills. Not only are they the best in class, but they also make a great look from pantry to table. Also have ready on hand a great quality assortment of cocktail mixes for making the perfect Dirty Martini or or Bloody Mary to make that Sunday brunch special. The pantry is the perfect place to store party essentials, because a party can happen anytime. These essentials are votives, cloth napkins, cocktail napkins and bar basics like vermouth-soaked olives and bourbon-soaked cherries. The must-have in every well-stocked pantry is the perfect assortment of glassware starting with basic wine glasses both red and white, flutes for champagne and low balls and high balls for mixing the perfect cocktail.