Everyday Wine Glass
  • $3.95
Stemless All-Purpose Glass
  • $5.95
Stemless Flute
  • $5.95
Double Old-Fashioned
  • $5.95
Stemless Martini Glass
  • $5.95
Midtown Martini Glass
  • $7.95
Savannah Wine Glass
  • $16
Savannah Double Old-Fashioned Glass
  • $14
  • $7
Sold Out
Small Water Glass
  • $4.95
Large Water Glass
  • $5.95
Bar Culture Jug and Stirrer
  • $115
Mixologist Cocktail Jug & Stirrer
  • $65
  • $32
Bar Tapered Pitcher, Short
  • $78
Bar Tapered Pitcher, Large
  • $72
Bar Tapered Jug, Tall
  • $92
Bar Culture Ice Bucket
  • $125
Bar Champagne Bucket
  • $115
Wine Carafe
  • $60
When it comes to entertaining an assortment of basic bar essentials makes having an impromptu cocktail party a pleasure. Glass is a clean look that goes in any decor. Some of the glass basics to have on hand are a Wine Chiller and large Ice Bucket. But sometimes just a beautifully designed Glass Bowls works just as well. A must have is a couple of Glass Pitchers to stir the proper martini, or a rum punch. The category of Barware is a favorite of ours. And always handy to have when challenged to mix that special drink is a good Cocktail Book. And don’t forget a glass cake stand makes a wonderful way to serve appetizers or bits to your guests.