Malibu Shell Bowl, Small
  • $28
Malibu Shell Bowl, Large
  • $56
Large Clamshell Bowl
  • $159
Capri Appetizer Server
  • $135
HG Berry Bowl
  • $38
HG Colander
  • $48
HG Original Dipping Bowl
  • $12
HG Individual Pasta Bowl
  • $24
Clear Breakfast Bowl
  • $35
Original Individual Footed Bowl
  • $18
Organic Breakfast Bowl
  • $20
Small Modern Bowl
  • $20
Stone Serving Bowl
  • $42
Original Individual Bowl
  • $24
Medium Modern Bowl
  • $59
Large Modern Bowl
  • $79
Organic Flared Bowl
  • $45
Organic Individual Bowl
  • $19

Everyone loves a dinner party and all you need to be party- ready is a menu plan, a favorite beverage, a few serving trays and Serving Bowls ... imagine walking into your Pantry and having a well selected assortment of White Bowls and Serving Accessories to choose from. Your guests are there for the weekend and you have setup a little breakfast bar with coffee mugs, a platter of warm muffins and a very special bowl at Hudson Grace we call our Berry Bowl filled with plump with the blue Berries, strawberries and ripe raspberries that are impossible to resist. And then imagine when lunch time rolls around having an artisanal oversized Wood Bowl in the pantry to make a leafy green salad to make everyone realize that delicious food when beautifully presented makes it taste even more delicious.