• Andrew Faulkner "House One"

Andrew Faulkner "House One"

The prints are digitally painted originals, richly produced in limited editions on high-quality archival watercolor paper. Each print is hand-numbered and signed. Beautiful and rich in color, perfect for any room in your house.

Born into a family of artists, designers, and architects, Andrew Faulkner's paintings fuse the structural sensibilities of his architect father and the often riotous color sense of his interior designer mother. As a child he celebrated coloring outside the lines. Those loose imperfect marks defined his gestural painting style to this day. If painting were religion he would be praying to the saints: Matisse, Diebenkorn and Hockney. With a focus on abstract landscapes and architectural interiors, Andrew Faulkner's art is influenced by the vibrant colors of my Northern California surroundings.

  • $295