Alexis Traina

Faceted Glass Tumbler
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HG Watermelon Hand-dyed Linen Napkin, 22"
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My mother, Elizabeth Swanson is a legendary hostess in the Napa Valley and has taught me the wonderful importance of celebrating the big and little moments of life, with gusto. Her partner in crime is her inspiring “prop closet” — a beautiful, French double - armoire chock full of table setting accoutrements: little knickknacks, trinkets, vintage toys and place card holders, party hats, vintage ribbons, Porthault cocktail napkins & tablecloths, colored candlesticks, confetti, bubble gum, silver candlesticks/ candelabras/ punch bowls. MVP of her prop closet is a silver champagne bucket or punch bowl — typically packed with ice and uncorked Rosé, Pinot Grigio or Champagne. It is a beautiful, elegant and simple detail that transforms the mundane and illuminates a special occasion. It has always been her go - to entertaining staple, and it is mine now too.